Professor Dr. Semir Al Samarrai

Director of Professor Al-Samarrai Medical Center
Urosurgery, Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction Consultant

Prostate problems, enlargement
inflammation and cancer
Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai

Infertility problems in men
Laparoscopic lithotripsy of kidney and ureter stones
Shock wave Treatment for Men
Treatment reflux, incontinence and Cryptorchidism in Children
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Latest treatment for Sexual Dysfuction, Linear Waves, NOW available in Prof. Al-Sammerai Medical Centre


Quality is our number 1 concern, That is how we established our name in the field of Urology, Andrology and Infertility Treatment. Also, We managed to add a new department for Cardiology and Metabolic disorders, Supervised by an Austrian Expert.


Male infertility

Male infertility, causes, diagnosis and modern treatment ( Pathological infertility factors are 10% caused by women and men, but by 50% caused by men, knowing that some men give birth despite the pathological changes in sperm, but half of the sterile men diagnose a clinically recognized cause through traditional semen analysis.)

Kidney Stones

Treating kidney and ureter stones flexible and laser endoscopy and primary prevention (Excessive food intake and high temperatures in the atmosphere are the two main reasons for the high incidence of this kidney disease. The incidence of kidney stones and ureter occupies the third position of urinary tract diseases, urinary tract infections first place in both sexes of humans, and enlarged prostate and its cancer second in men)

Prostate Gland Diseases

Prostate diseases, causes, diagnosis, treatment ( Among the basic modern diagnostic methods that are conducted in our medical center in Dubai Medical City for prostate diseases are imaging and measurement of size and pathological inflammatory changes and benign and malignant inflation; At the same time, a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is examined.)


Full Examination to reach accurate diagnosis and LASER treatment for STDs.

Urinary Reflux

Laproscopy in mild cases and Surgery in advanced cases are the available treatment options.

Erectile Dysfunction

The hormonal changes in men after the age of forty, and among them, pathological changes, the most prevalent of which is impotence in men, in addition to sexual problems when they are over the age of forty and the most prevalent are diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, as well as mood changes (Depressed Mood)

Kidney Tumors

Detection of benign, malignant or inflammatory tumors then offering the right treatment.

Bladder cancer treatment

(Cancer Care ) including prostatic cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, adrenal cancer

Overactive Bladder

Overactive Bladder Causes, diagnosis and modern treatment (Neurogenic bladder is a disease that affects the bladder due to a pathological disorder, or from neurological diseases or chronic inflammatory diseases, the latter being the most prevalent among women than men)

About Us

Prof. Dr. Semir Al Samarrai

Urosurgery, Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction Consultant. Prof.  Al Samarrai got his medical degree from Heidelberg and Johannes Gutenberg University. Then got his PhD in 1980. also, he got his practice license in 1978 in urosurgery, urology, andrology and inferility.


Health and Wellness for all our patients.


Perfectly Integrated and On-going Care for all our patients.


Efficient Diagnosis, Innovative treatment and Impeccable service.


Prof. Dr. Semir Al Samarrai artilces

Professor Al-Samarrai’s latest articles on Urology, urosurgery, and Infertility

Bladder Cancer

Cystic (superficial) cancer The diagnosis of bladder cancer is the most prevalent worldwide, with 330,000 cases of this cancer occurring annually, and the incidence of

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Human Papilloma virus HPV

Papillary wart virus HPV Recent developments in its causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention Human wart virus (HPV) is one of the viruses that belong to

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kidney cancer

kidney cancer Kidney tumors may be malignant, benign or inflammatory in origin. This cancer affects 54,000 people annually in the United States of America, and

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