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Consultant in urology, urology oncology, and nephrology

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Professor Dr. Samir Ahmed Al-Samarrai

Professor Dr. Samir Ahmed Al-Samarrai, of Iraqi-German origin, studied at the Faculty of Medicine at Heidelberg and Johannes Gutenberg Universities in Germany and obtained a medical degree with the highest grades. He then proved his scientific qualifications by obtaining a doctorate (PhD) through his research thesis in 1980. He also obtained a August 23, 1978, obtaining a certificate of specialization in the treatment and surgery of urinary tract diseases in men at the Free University of Berlin at the Medical Faculty Hospital there, based on the “Legislation of Specialization in Medicine of the Berlin Doctors’ Union.”

دكتور مسالك بولية في دبي الببروفيسور سمير السمرائي خبرة 40 عام في طب وجراحة المسالك البولية والعقم والذكورة وعلاج امراض البروستاتا وحصي الكلي

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