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Prof. Semir Ahmad Al Samarrai

Professor Dr.Semir Ahmad Al.Samarrai of German-Iraqi origin studied in the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg and Johannes Gutenberg University (Germany) and obtained the University State Examination of Medicine, then he has proven his scientific qualification in an orderly Promotions method and an oral examination through “Dissertation” to obtain the degree of (MD , PhD) in 1980 , as well he had achieved in August 23rd 1978 the Acknowledgment of Specialists in Urology, Urosurgery, Andrology & Infertility in the University Hospital of the Free University of Berlin. In accordance with the “Regulation for the Specialist in Medicine of the Physician Association of Berlin ”.

دكتور مسالك بولية في دبي الببروفيسور سمير السمرائي خبرة 40 عام في طب وجراحة المسالك البولية والعقم والذكورة وعلاج امراض البروستاتا وحصي الكلي

He continued his research and clinical work with the students of the Medical Faculty of the Free University of Berlin as well gave lectures as Assistant Professor, then he obtained the title as University Professor in 1987 and he has given scientific instructions of many Dissertations to Physicians of the Medical Faculty of the Free University in Berlin to acquire their “Doctorate in Medicine” (MD, PhD).

His research and work focused on diseases related to Testicular Cancer, Prostatic Cancer, Bladder Cancer as well asMale Infertility. He has thirty years experience with the treatments of these diseases at the University Hospital in Berlin and here in Dubai since 1999 by his own Medical Center as Professor of Urology, Specialist in Urology, Urosurgery, Andrology, Sexology and Infertility. The treatments of the aforementioned diseases were either conservative or surgically, laparoscopically, or endoscopically. The patients with prostatic cancer got the benefit from his specifically radical and nerve sparing removal of the prostatic cancer.

He published more than 150 articles in three languages (English, German and Arabic) about the above-mentioned and other urological diseases.

Prof. Al Sammerai wrote the first arabic book about urology- andrology -male infertility in 2017. 

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