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Because nothing is more important than Quality and Name. A legacy of ingenuity. We established our Name, we’re moving forward and bringing tomorrow’s advances in Urology, Andrology, Male Infertility and additionally German Gynaecologist and Obstetrics to our patients today.

Professor Al Samarrai Medical Center of Urology, Uro Surgery, Male Infertility, and Andrology offers more diagnostics (Urinary Tract Infections, Prostatic, Bladder, Kidney Diseases, and Cancer, Male Infertility, best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai, additionally investigating of Gynaecological and Obstetrics Disorders). The evaluation in Urological Imaging: (Ultrasound and Colour Doppler of Testes, Kidney and Transrectal-US of Prostate and Seminal Vesicle). Evaluation in Urological laboratories with PCR based DNA tests of the prostate and semen STD infections as well as HPV infection.

Stop wasting your time and resources chasing stones to dust. The stone of your kidney with urological solutions from the world pioneer in shock wave lithotripsy (with the newest standard in lithotripsy and endoscopy).

Our vision is your future to perform a fully-integrated platform of technology: Vaporization of the enlarged Prostate with the Bipolar Plasma Button Corona or with the Green Laser Vaporization.The Side of Prostate Cancer, you’re not seeing. The PSA and the PCA3 assays reveal the unique biology of Prostate Cancer, these tests improve the risk stratification to help guide early and radical treatments against this cancer with improved life expectancy and prognosis. For men with Erectile Dysfunction, we use the world famous newest treatments with PDE 5-inhibitor especially orodispersible vardenafil which will affect within 10-20 minutes the sexual activity by male.

Male infertility

Male infertility, causes, diagnosis and modern treatment ( Pathological infertility factors are 10% caused by women and men, but by 50% caused by men, knowing that some men give birth despite the pathological changes in sperm, but half of the sterile men diagnose a clinically recognized cause through traditional semen analysis.)

Kidney Stones

Treating kidney and ureter stones flexible and laser endoscopy and primary prevention (Excessive food intake and high temperatures in the atmosphere are the two main reasons for the high incidence of this kidney disease. The incidence of kidney stones and ureter occupies the third position of urinary tract diseases, urinary tract infections first place in both sexes of humans, and enlarged prostate and its cancer second in men)

Prostate Gland Diseases

Prostate diseases, causes, diagnosis, treatment ( Among the basic modern diagnostic methods that are conducted in our medical center in dubai healthcare city for prostate diseases are imaging and measurement of size and pathological inflammatory changes and benign and malignant inflation; At the same time, a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is examined.)


Full Examination to reach accurate diagnosis and LASER treatment for STDs.

Urinary Reflux

Laproscopy in mild cases and Surgery in advanced cases are the available treatment options.

Erectile Dysfunction

The hormonal changes in men after the age of forty, and among them, pathological changes, the most prevalent of which is impotence in men, in addition to sexual problems when they are over the age of forty and the most prevalent are diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, as well as mood changes (Depressed Mood)

Kidney Tumors

Detection of benign, malignant or inflammatory tumors then offering the right treatment.

Urological Oncology

(Cancer Care ) including prostatic cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, adrenal cancer

Irritable Bladder

Overactive Bladder Causes, diagnosis and modern treatment (Neurogenic bladder is a disease that affects the bladder due to a pathological disorder, or from neurological diseases or chronic inflammatory diseases, the latter being the most prevalent among women than men)

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