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Male infertility and its relationship to the misuse of steroids

A man (male ) is considered infertile when he does not conceive (cant getting child) during the first year of his marriage despite practicing a normal marital life and without using contraceptive methods, as it occurs 60% of fertilization and pregnancy normally in the first year and the rest are considered sterile.

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The fertilization rate in the last ten years is declining and Infertility is on the rise, as recent statistics and clinical researches have proven that the main cause of infertility is environmental, food, air and water contamination lead to fragmentation of DNA because of high release of environmental toxins in the air, including the toxic gas carbon dioxide (CO2) that comes from Transportation and others. 

This contamination causes oxidative stress, which leads to damage of DNA in our cells and genetic mutations causing common diseases that have increased in this century compared to the last century, such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, kidney, bladder and prostate cancers, and This is why diagnosing ROS and sperm DNA fragmentation in seminal fluid has become a particularly important test for unknown infertility causes.

For decades testosterone (the male hormone) has been used and its synthetic derivatives goals for anabolic and androgenic purposes.

since Decades, these substances were restricted to professional bodybuilders, and now these are gradually becoming more common among strength athletes.

Statistically, clinical and research studies indicate that three million young people in USA using These anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) & Looking at this increased prevalence, recent clinical and research studies have shed light On the infertility of these men who take this anabolic steroid in addition to erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire.

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Prof. Dr. Semir Al-Samarrai

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