Surgical Procedures

Main surgical procedures used in our medical centre in King's College London Hospital, American Hospital and Dubai HealthCare City Hospital.

1- Laparoscopic or open radical retropubic and nerve –sparing prostatectomy with pelvis lymphadenectomy for prostate cancer. 30 years experience and about 5000 operations.

2- Laparoscopic Bilateral Varicocelectomy 60% and additionally 40% conservative treatment for male infertility. 10000 operations and 98% pregnancy success.

3- Green Laser – Vaporization for Large prostatic enlargement more than 50 grams and TUR prostate by less than 50 grams. benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). about 15000 operations and 22 years experience

4- Endoscopic Laser Urethrotomy for short urethral structure & surgical Urethroplasty with buccal or penile island flap (graft) for long anterior or bulbous or membranous urethral stricture. Acquired urethral strictures (multiple or single) ( latrogenic or traumatic or congenital or rarely infectious of inflammatory). 30 years experience and about 5000 operations and 90% success.

5- Botox –A Injections of the bladder wall in overactive bladder with urge incontinence especially with conservative therapy resistance. 10 years experience & 2500 operations with 98% success.

6- Surgical (bilaterally) or Laparoscopic (unilaterally) Ureter reimplantation for vesicoureterorenal reflux stage 4 and 5 and Endoscopic for stage 1,2,3 with submuccal injectable bulking agents at the refluxing ureteral orifice in children. 20 years experience & 5000 operations and 98% success

7- Green- Laser- Lithotripsy for Distal or Middle or Proximal Ureter stones more than 5mm in diameter and renal pelvis and calyxes stones with flexible ureteroscopy (URS as well PCLN and ESWL) 20-year experience & 15000 operations with 98% success

8- Inguinal Orchidopexy Cryptorchidism in children with inguinal testes and Laparoscopic Orchidopexy in abdominal testes. 20-year experience and about 6000 operations with 98% success & 300 operations with 90% success

9- TVT -,TOT, or Laparoscopic Sacropexy for female and male stress incontinence. 20-year experience and 4000 operations with 90% success.

10- EndoscopicTUR- BL Tumor with Diode – Laser – Vaporization for Bladder Cancer. 30 year experience and 15000 operations with 90% success

11- Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy in small renal cancer measuring less than 4cm in diameter and Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy in Renal cancer with more than 4cm in diameter with Removal of Adrenal gland and neighboring lymph nodes. 20 years experience and 7000 operations.

12- Radical Inguinal Orchiectomy for non seminomatous testicular Cancer and Retroperitoneal Lymphadenectomy. 30 year experience and 3000 operations with 98% success.

13- Penile Prosthesis for Sexual Impotence. 30-year experience with 98% success.

14- Ultrasound Guided Prostatic Biopsy under spinal anesthesia.

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